How to stop rabbit from peeing on the floor?

Okay, so for the last year my rabbit has been in a cage on the floor with a litterbox. He used the litterbox regularly. I decided it was becoming to gross and too much hassle to clean the litterbox all the time so i invested in a hellish expensive and nice cage with a grated floor so he could just let go where ever he pleased. The problem is that he still insists on peeing in the corner(his box was in the corner) and it sprays out onto the wall and puddles on the floor. I put something in his favorite corner to prevent him from doing it, but he still presses himself along the edge to pee and it somehow misses the bigggg basin that it's supposed to go into. I'm unsure how to teach him otherwise since it's hard to catch him in the act and there's no consquence for peeing there so he won't learn on his own.

Any ideas, please?

They are conditioned to use one particular area. The wild ones do this in their den so that they don't have excrement all over the place. I don't see you teaching it to do it any other way.

Your best bet would be to modify the cage-add Plexiglas or something to the outside to keep the urine from spraying out.

once litter trained always litter trained. My rabbit doesn't like it when you move anything in his cage. he'll move it back. Really!!!

Super Glue

Just let him live in a hutch outside make sure they're holes cause when he goes he'll just go on the wall thinking it was his regular spot! the wall will still get wet from the rain! so there's no big deal!

well its really bad to hear this from u im sorry..personally i cant help u but i can advice u that keep an eye on the rabbit when it peeing and go behind it put ur hands so that the floor doesnt get wet ...cheers

Feed it to the dog.

yeah i would have stuck with the litterbox..

Don't put them on the floor. Rabbits are always going to be semi-wild animals and never train completely. You got the animal into the habit of going in one spot, so they'll continue to do so.

My suggestion, go back to the litter box. You got the animal, and you have to accept the responsibilities, no matter how disgusting, and take care of it.

Litter boxes are really the best option. However they make cage guards that you can lock onto the wall of the cage to prevent too much spraying. Also is your rabbit fixed? This will help with spraying.

Just construct a shield in his favorite pee corner so that it doesn't get all over the all and floor. There is no way to stop him. rabbits are relatively clean animals and therefore really don't like living in their own urine.

Rabbits are very habitual. He is used to peeing in that spot and has been doing it for a very long time. That is HIS spot just like the toilet is your spot.

Keep redirecting him but he may never learn other than what he already knows.

I'm afraid that you're not going to be able to change anything. He was litterbox trained, and, to him, that's that. Rabbits are super clean animals, and instinclively use only selected spaces to use as a bathroom.I strongly suggest putting the litterbox back, no matter how much of a hassle it was (isn't what you're going through more of a hassle???).

By the way, rabbits should NOT have grated cages... it's really horrible for their feet, as they don't have pads to protect them.

whisper "stew" in its ear

Rabbit stew.

the rabbit is used to going in a litter box you need to give it back.

You might have to move the litterbox back in, just for the meantime. Put it back in his spot, and then gradually move it so he's going somehwere else. Pretty soon THAT will be his spot so when you remove the litterbox to the grate he'll go there. It might take time - but it'll be worth it in the end not to have your floor all yucky. Good luck!

i had an angora rabbit i housebroke it with a litter box

they are like cats that way.....

Well, not really. I'm just confused as to why you would think cleaning a grated cage is better than having a litter-trained bunny. Grated cages are actually bad for rabbits. It's bad for their hocks and they can get their feet stuck in the grates. This could cause injury if they try to get themselves out.

This was listed on House Rabbit Society's website:

Is it OK to keep my rabbit in a cage with a wire floor?

Rabbits were not designed to live on wire floors--they're hard on their feet (which have no pads on the, like cats or dogs). If you must use a cage with a wire floor, you need to provide your rabbit with a resting board or rug for her to sit on, otherwise she will spend all of her time in her litterbox.

You can find cages with slatted plastic floors, which are more comfortable, or you can use a solid floor. As long as your rabbit has a litterbox in the corner that he chooses as his bathroom, there shouldn't be much of a mess to clean up.

Once a bunny is trained, their trained. He's going to go to that corner to pee everytime and you really can't stop it. My advice; see the grated cage and go back to one w/ a floor and a corner litter box.

For more info on cages and litter training, go to

Animals remember where to pee by sniffing for where they last peed.

The idea is to smear its urine somewhere u want it to pee, while keeping other areas absolutely urine free. After 1 week, it should get the message.

punch it.............or just stick its face in the pee and teach it not to pee there

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